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Project Description
InteropComObjects allows Silverlight 4 developers to access local computer-resources like serial ports via the COM interop functionality added to OOB SL4 applications. So this works for Windows Out Of Browser context only to access resources otherwise inaccassible to Silverlight.

I use the interop COM object SerialPort to receive input from a GPS-Device to my Silverlight-App. It is just a wrapper to the System.IO.Ports.SerialPort which is not available from within SL.
I have put it in the System.IO.Ports namespace so that you can just use your exsiting WPF-code in a Silverlight-project after referencing SLSerialPort.

Download the binaries, register the SerialPort.dll, reference SLSerialPort.dll in your new SL-App and get started with serial port communictation from within a SL (OOB / elevated rights) application or download the sln and source from SVN to see how it works.

Find the Silverlight Demo under Downloads.

If you like this project or find it even usefull, feel free to Flattr this or send me some BTC (1N4X6CNxhZCo4qenjfLn46ZggxpieMdCmx) to buy me one of those cups of coffee I had whilst developing this library. Thank you.

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